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The purpose of DRMC IT CLUB shall be to serve and enrich the knowledge of the passionate and tech savvy students who are eager to dig deep into the numeral world of technology. Since 2016, chatters went on to create a club inside Dhaka Residential Model College which could serve the desires of thousands of students & enrich their skills in Information Technology. Only few could take the necessary steps to fill in the gap between dream and reality. Lucky for HSC Batch 2018, we had that ambition & workforce to create a fully functional IT Club in DRMC. At the beginning of the 2017, foundation & logistical process of creating DITC got into motion. Along with the help of our moderators and ICT Department of Dhaka Residential Model College, everything processed really fast. Within a month we had official approval from College Authority to start our work on the Club. The official birthdate of DITC is 22 February, 2017. Great things aren’t easy to furnish. Dedicated members of DITC had to gather personnel scattered throughout the college to officially set up a greater team. Fortunately, we were able to get in touch with students with extraordinary experience in technology & related fields. DITC’s official opening ceremony took place on the morning of Monday, 31 July 2017. College officials, students and our Honorable Ex.Principal Brigadier General Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan sir were present during the ceremony. Before the ceremony could start, our beloved Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan sir gave his remarkable speech. We would love to mention that, it was during his time, that the IT Club could begin it’s process under his direct approval. Approximately in August 2017, DITC became the first club of Dhaka Residential Model College to have a full-fledged website with the domain Which was impressive for a club so new to the college. At that time period, having a Social Media page used to be considered enough for a college club but our visions were not so idle. The website is now on its second development/refurbishing phase. Later that year, DITC managed to pull of few important events and workshops. DITC also recruited and documented 400 members for the club within the college boundary. Aging from 12 to 20, our lowest documented members were from class 6. Our goal was to nurse the students properly so that they can go on with the club at a stage on the future with tremendous amount of skilled personnel & resources. To this day, the members are active and well looked after by DITC authority. As a result, DITC never faced any shortage of volunteers for events of critical importance. Last but not least, we would like to thank our college authority, our moderators, founding members & the founders of DITC. Our fundamental policy of the club had always been to bring out the best among anything. Let our achievements say the least.